Bardolino is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Lake Garda, it is located on the eastern shore of the lake just 30 km from Verona.

Punta Mirabello and Punta Cornicello are two small strips of land that extend from the village into the water of the lake.

Located at the foot of the morainic hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, it is known for the production of the famous  red Bardolino wine or Chiaretto wine, but also for the beauty of the historic center, with its narrow streets, many shops, typical restaurants and long walks on the shore of the lake.

The frescoes of the Romanesque church of San Severo, the church of Santa Maria di Cisano and the Olive Oil Museum are worth a visit.

During the year, Bardolino is animated by the many events that attract guests, one of these is the famous “Grape and Wine Festival” in October.